PCS Becomes a Member of TAADAS

PCS is excited to be a proud new member organization of the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug, and Other Addiction Services (TAADAS).

TAADAS is a statewide association of alcohol and drug abuse treatment, prevention, and recovery service professionals and others who are interested in addiction issues. TAADAS keeps alcoholism, drug abuse, and other addiction issues in the forefront when public policy decisions are made and through the collective voice of its members.

The mission of TAADAS is to be a center of excellence dedicated to advocacy, community, and education that supports and connects recovery providers. The mission Is achieved through the vision that all Tennesseans have access to a compassionate, value-based system of care that connects people to high-quality recovery services.

TAADAS members have a shared belief that alcohol and drug abuse are treatable and preventable, that the availability of quality treatment and prevention services to all Tennessee citizens is important, and that by joining together, we can do more than we can do individually.

PCS CEO/ Executive Director Jimmie Jackson said in a statement. "We are excited about our TAADAS membership. Some of our goals for 2024 include expanding our MAT opioid addiction treatment program to new service areas and treatment programs for alcohol use disorders.

TAADAS has an exceptional reputation for providing training resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy for public policies to positively impact addiction treatment across Tennessee. This partnership will align well with some of our agency goals to grow and strengthen our addiction treatment programs at PCS".