About Professional Care Services

Professional Care Services of West Tennessee, Inc. is an agency composed of caring and involved professionals who are trained to respond to the mental health needs of their community through assessment, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and support. Since the beginning, the primary purpose of the agency has been to provide services for the citizens of our communities.

The agency was initially organized April 1, 1971 as the Covington Mental Health Center and was associated with the Tipton County Hospital. It was established as a community mental health center for all children and adults who live or work in Tipton, Lauderdale and Fayette counties in West Tennessee. On January 1, 1981 the Center obtained a separate charter and the name was changed to Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc. The name was changed to Professional Counseling Services, Inc. on January 1, 1992. From 2004 to 2006, the organization integrated primary care medical services and the name was changed to Professional Care Services of West Tennessee, Inc. PCS is a private, not for profit organization and has expanded its charter to serve citizens in Tipton, Lauderdale, Fayette, Haywood, Dyer, and Shelby Counties.

Through its various outpatient clinics, grant-funded program, and mental health residential facilities across West TN, PCS offers a broad range of traditional out-patient mental health services to adults and children. Clinical services may include mental health assessment, individual and group counseling/therapy, family therapy, psychiatric evaluations and medication management. Services are provided by medical doctors, Nurse Practitioners, master’s level therapists, Certified Prevention Specialists, and Case Managers.


It is the mission of Professional Care Services to enhance the quality of life of every individual that we treat. Our trained professionals seek to deliver compassionate, quality care to each patient, family, and community that we serve by providing comprehensive mental health treatment and co-occurring services while recognizing that each person is unique and has mental health needs that vary in complexity.


Professional Care Services (PCS)- founded in 1971- is dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve wellness by living healthier lives.  Our work is driven by our commitment to promote mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including prevention for all, early identification and intervention for those at risk, integrated health, behavioral health and other services for those who need them, and recovery as a goal.


Compassionate Client-Centered Quality Care

  • We believe client-centered care is an approach to care that is the right thing to do morally as a matter of everyday practice.
  • We believe in being responsive to individual preferences, needs and values to ensure that individuals we serve feel known, listened to, informed, involved, engaged, and knowledgeable about their care.
  • We see individuals as unique living beings with the capacity to take control of their own circumstances, exercise power, and achieve their own goals to improve their quality of life.
  • We believe in empowering and encouraging the individuals we serve to develop the skills for self-sufficiency to become stronger and more confident. 

Honesty, Integrity, Trust

  • We believe the pathway to Trust comes through the action behaviors of consistency, transparency, and follow-through.
  • We pledge to consistently model and reflect the qualities of honesty and consistency of character in our actions, deeds, thoughts, and behaviors.
  • We pledge to adhere to professional and social standards of morality and ethics, holding ourselves accountable to one another for the values, beliefs, and principles we claim to embrace as professionals, individuals, and as an organization.
  • We understand that to the degree that our colleagues and the individuals we serve believe in us, we are trusted.

Competent Professionals Providing Comprehensive Quality Care

  • We strive to recruit and retain qualified, knowledgeable, skilled, and caring individuals to our workforce realizing that together we are greater than the sum of our parts as we endeavor to work in a collaborative effort as a team or teams to achieve a common goal or task in the most effective and efficient way for the purpose of fulfilling our stated mission.
  • We aspire to grow, nurture, develop, and challenge our workforce members –not merely to perform a specific role – but more importantly to faithfully carryout the purpose and mission of the organization.
  • We empower workforce members to create and nurture connections with other community stakeholders and look for situations that make it possible for the organization, and each other, to improve and flourish.
  • We embolden workforce members to act in new ways when it will promote the purpose of the organization in making its preferred future come to life for the benefit of the individuals and community we serve.

Community Focused

  • Chartered in 1971, deeply rooted in the fabric of this community, PCS has historically and unwaveringly focused on caring for individuals and families with behavioral health and co-occurring needs.
  • PCS has, over time, broadened its mission to also put an increasing emphasis on community-focused care seeing the community as customer.
  • We pledge our commitment to the stated vision, mission, and purpose of PCS undaunted and ready to meet the ever-present challenges within the healthcare environment.
  • We are committed to our organization’s continued growth and success.